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The upholstery in your home plays a dual role, similar to the way window treatments do. While its primary role is a functional one, it also contributes significantly to the overall aesthetic of your home décor.

The options for upholstery in Toronto are almost as overwhelming as the options for curtains and blinds. Just as overwhelming is the knowledge that a great choice in upholstered furniture can enhance your home décor, while a poor one can detract from and ruin it. Thankfully, upholstery born from poor choices that are not appropriate for the style of your home can be reupholstered with new fabric for a custom look unique to you and your style.

When choosing upholstery fabric, there are several things to consider. We’ve listed the important ones below to help guide you through the process.


Colour is the first criteria most people have in mind when choosing a fabric, and rightfully so; colour is arguably the most important aspect of home décor.

It goes without saying that your choice of colour should be one you will be comfortable with for many years. Trendy or bold colours that caught your eye in the latest interior design magazine may not stand the test of time, forcing you to reupholster before the fabric is even worn. If, however, you absolutely love a trendy colour and are adamant about including it in your home décor, use it for smaller accent pieces to make a statement, rather than on larger upholstery like your sofa.

For your sofa and other sizable furniture, it’s best to stay with timeless neutral colours. And if you have children or pets, opt for neutrals on the darker side of the spectrum for obvious reasons.


Next to colour, style is the second most obvious consideration when choosing upholstery fabrics. And while this may be a relatively easy choice to make, there are some potential pitfalls you may encounter while doing so.

Many people choose fabric based on their existing home décor or the style they have in mind when designing a room. When reupholstering, however, it's important to remember that you’re not working with a clean slate. The furniture itself is the foundation which you need to build upon. Bearing this in mind, your choice of fabric should complement the furniture you’re reupholstering.

In some cases, this may mean your traditional piece of furniture remains so with the choice of traditional upholstery fabric. In others, it may mean your traditional piece of furniture is reborn as a completely unique piece adorned with modern patterns atop traditional roots.

If you do choose a fabric style that includes patterns, consider the scale of the repeated elements. They should be appropriate for both the furniture as well as the room that the furniture will be in. Patterns can be challenging to coordinate, especially if your custom drapery is also patterned.

Aside from scale, you should also consider directionality of the patterns. Fabrics with patterns or textures that have a distinctive direction might not work well because of the challenge in aligning them on the various surfaces of the furniture.


When thinking about your choices for upholstery fabric, you should consider the room the furniture will be used in as well as the other members of your family that will be using it. If you have a large family, small kids or pets, it’s probably best to select more durable fabrics to withstand the daily wear and tear the upholstery will be subject to.

Thread count, which is the number of threads per square inch of fabric, is higher in more durable fabrics because the material is denser. This makes fabrics with a higher thread count your best choice for upholstered furniture in a commonly used area. Fabrics with tighter weaves and woven patterns also generally last longer than those with looser weaves and printed patterns.

Finally, if available, consider looking at the double rub count. It’s the measure of a fabric’s resistance to abrasion and a good standard for durability.

Other Considerations

There are other considerations to keep in mind when choosing upholstery fabric, such as mildew resistance, ease of cleaning as well fade resistance. Various types of fabrics can be used for upholstery, each with their own unique benefits.

Here at Eurofab, we carry an extensive selection of fabrics that are perfect for reupholstery. Speak to one of our design consultants today so they can help you choose the best fabric for your furniture.

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