Custom Drapery

Custom Drapery

One of the most significant and impactful choices you can make when decorating a room is your choice of window treatments. Drapery, especially custom drapery, can make or break a room and as such must be chosen with care.

With the tremendous amount of choices available in Toronto’s drapery market, it can be an overwhelming task to make educated and suitable choices for your home decor. Here are some things to consider to help you realize your vision, regardless of whether you're having custom curtains made or are purchasing ready-made.

Drapery Fabric

Colour obviously plays a huge role in the mood of a room and so should be your first consideration, but drapery fabric should definitely be next. Too heavy a fabric, and the curtains may not fold properly when opened, and too light a fabric will prevent them from hanging well.

And while aesthetics are critical to the window covering selection process, functionality should also be considered. Drapery fabric choices for rooms like the bedroom where room darkening and noise insulation are important will be different from more airy spaces such as the living room. The extreme weather we regularly experience in Toronto can also play a factor in the choice of fabric, regardless of whether you choose custom drapery or ready-made.

The best fabrics for drapery are linen, silk, faux silk and velvet because they tend to hang the best. When making custom drapery, these fabrics can be lined with other materials for insulation from both the blistering heat of our Toronto summers and the extreme cold of our Toronto winters.

Linings also help the longevity of drapery fabric such as silk which will rot without it. Linings and interlinings, a piece of fabric between the lining and main inside-facing fabric, are also what give curtains the fullness and body that make them so pleasing to the eye.


When measuring the length of a window to gauge the length of drapery that you will need, keep in mind that the higher you mount the curtains above the window, the more visual height you will add to the room, which is in most cases a desirable effect.

If you have space above the window, plan to hang the curtains 6 inches higher than the window frame and add that to your measurement. If you’re trying to achieve a traditional look with your drapery, where it puddles slightly on the floor, you will want to add a few inches to your total measurement. A more modern look typical of grommeted Drapery should be made to be flush with the floor.

When measuring the width of the windows, add an extra four to eight inches to make sure you have the right amount of fullness and multiply that by 2. You want to make sure that you have plenty of curtain fabric to cover the window when the curtains are drawn. For certain types of drapery, you may need additional fabric to achieve the appropriate fullness for that drapery type.

When you order custom drapery from us at Eurofab, our expert consultants will make the appropriate calculations to your measurements to ensure your drapery has the correct amount of fullness for the pleat or drapery type you have chosen.

Speak to one of our consultants if you need to find out more about custom curtains and window treatments. We specialize in custom drapery and carry a large selection of luxurious drapery fabrics as well as curtain rods and drapery hardware.

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